Terms and Policy Service Agreement

Service agreement between Resident Agent LLC and client.

You agree you are hiring a third party, to act as your resident agent, statutory agent, or registered agent in a state.

The services you are hiring Resident Agent LLC to perform are limited to the receipt and forwarding of items that are statutorily required under the state law you hired us for. By hiring us, you agree that we are a third party to your business, we do not have any management control of your business, we do not have any financial interests or any financial aspects to your business whatsoever, and you are only hiring us to be your registered agent.

Resident Agent LLC will deliver any items we receive for you into your online account. Resident Agent LLC has no obligation to forward items if client quits paying Resident Agent LLC for services.

Client agrees to indemnify Resident Agent LLC of all claims should Resident Agent LLC get named on a client’s lawsuit. Client agrees that the full extent of liability Resident Agent LLC has with client is completely limited to the amount of money paid Resident Agent LLC. Regardless of anything, the full amount of liability Resident Agent LLC caries is monetarily limited to the amount of money paid to Resident Agent LLC.

It is the client’s responsibility to maintain accurate contact details in client’s online account so Resident Agent LLC can accurately alert client of documents we receive.

Client agrees to only use our registered agent services after they have received formal approval by having an online account established. If client submits an offer for services that is too low and we deny your offer, client will not have an online account established. If Resident Agent LLC approves your offer, at that approval, an online account will be established and you will receive an approval email alerting you of your online accounts availability to use for your registered agent services.