What is a resident agent?

A resident agent is an older term for what is now called a “registered agent.” Some states still use this term such as Maryland, Kansas, and Michigan. Nevada has changed the resident agent term to registered agent. A resident agent and a registered agent are basically the same thing and have the same responsibilities.

The basic duty of a resident agent is to have a physical resident address that is open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm (during normal business hours), for someone like a process server, sheriff, or anyone to walk up to the resident address and hand deliver a document such as a lawsuit or legal notification.

Furthermore, different state agencies and sometimes the IRS will send paperwork and notifications to the resident agent at the resident agents registered office address if they cannot get a hold of the business at their normal address.

You can list yourself as the resident agent if you have an address in the state, or you can use our professional resident agent service in whatever state you need. People often find out they need a resident agent when they are doing business in a different state then they were incorporated in, and have to file a foreign qualification with the states Secretary of State. We provide resident agent service in every state you might need to work in, under our own business name. In addition, a lot of our clients chose to have our professional registered agent service in their home state, to not have to worry about maintaining their own registered office address.

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