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Please put your legal name exactly. If there are commas, please put commas, if there are no commas, please leave them off. Your name could be ABC Dishwashers INC or A.B.C. Dishwashers, INC. Or ABC Dishwashers, Incorporated. The more accurate info you give us, the better our database will work for you. If you put in a name that doesn't get accepted with the state, it's super easy for us to change your legal name later. Just email us if this occurs.

If you have a doing business name of "DEF Plumbing" in addition to your legal name, "ABC Plumbing Inc.", we would need you to list the doing business name "DEF Plumbing" in the special instructions area.

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The contact name is the name of the person you would like us to call if we have questions about your order.

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If you are doing this filing on behalf of your client and don't want us to call you a year from now if we have a question, you can put your client's info here and just leave a note as to who it is for. If you are doing the filing yourself, this could be your cell phone or another number of someone within your organization.

If you have a foreign phone number, check the foreign phone number box and you will be able to enter a phone number in an international format.

Please make sure to add our email addresses to your safe sender's list. You'll get all our important emails on the thank-you page after you finish the signup.

The email you give us here is the email address that you'll use to log into your account immediately. After you finish the signup process, this is the email that you'll immediately get a receipt and our thank-you email with our registered agent information sent to. You'll also be able to log into your account and see the registered agent information right after you finish the purchase. We will correspond with you via the email address you provide here.

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This is your main physical address. If you are doing this filing on behalf of your client and want everything to go to you, you can put your address here. If you are doing this as a one-time service for your client, and after you register them you would like everything to go to them, you can put their address here.

Foreign addresses and U.S. APO/FPO address have to select those options under 'country' and fill in at least the address and city/locality fields.

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We used to charge a flat $97 per year; never offered a discount. That was fine...but we felt like being a little more unique.

That's when we decided to take our entire business model to the "you name the price" model. If your offer is accepted, your price will always be your price you're annual bill will always be the same.

We don't play tricks with our customers. You may think this whole approach is weird, we hope you'll think it's brilliant.

Additional Items

Annual Report Compliance: Every anniversary date of your company, you are required to file an annual report. Your company will get dissolved by the state if this is not done properly. The person filing the annual report gets their personal name, email, phone, address, IP and MAC address, and all their contact information listed on the permanent public records. 90 days before your annual report is due, we will send you a notice reminding you of the upcoming due date. 60 days before the annual report is due, we will automatically file your annual report and charge your card $100.00 plus state fees (per state). You can cancel this service at any time with 1 click in your online account.

Mail Forwarding: We offer a variety of Mail Forwarding packages so you can get exactly what you need. Packages renew automatically yearly. All mail is scanned and uploaded to your online account.

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