About Resident Agent

Since 2004, residentagent.net has been providing quality resident agent and registered agent service nationwide. From our humble beginnings we have always given our clients the attention they deserve. Resident Agent LLC is Texas based, but has been an industry leader in the resident agent industry since 2004.

What are our humble beginnings?

Our Founder is East Texan raised. Growing up behind Tyler Junior College on Bama Lane, chasing his dog and playing on the TJC campus was a great raising. The school of real life came early when all the rich kids at his private school wore fancy clothes and his parents responded to repeated requests for overpriced Guess jeans with: “Sure, you can go out and pay for those with your own money.” With 5 pools on the block, he quickly became the $5.00 pool cleaning kid of the neighborhood. Pool cleaning turned into shrub trimming, dog and cat watching, leaf raking, power edging, mowing, and weed pulling. He quickly learned that the only way for him to accomplish what he needed was to go out there and earn it the hard way.

Today, we take this same hard-working style to what we do: Registered Agent and Resident Agent Services. We will always try to be your economical leader in resident agent services. Through innovative tools and resources for our clients we hear nothing but raves from our clients every day.

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