Louisiana Registered Agent

A local Louisiana registered agent is required when registering to do business in Louisiana.

What is a Louisiana registered agent?

A Louisiana registered agent is an individual adult or an organization registered or authorized to do business in Louisiana. The Louisiana Company must name a registered agent and the address of its registered office on their initial state paperwork. A Louisiana registered agent must have a physical location in Louisiana and be present at that address during normal business hours. When a business is involved in a legal proceeding a process server will deliver the court papers to that company’s Louisiana resident agent’s address. Also, sending the legal documents by certified mail to the Louisiana registered agent at the registered office address is legal proof that you have been served, whether you get them or not. Be sure your Louisiana registered agent is dependable and professional.

It is the obligation of a Louisiana registered agent to have an individual available at the registered office address during normal business hours, for the purpose of receiving, accepting and forwarding to the business any process, notice or demand that is received by the registered agent.

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What types of businesses are required to have Louisiana registered agents?

Every domestic or foreign filing entity is required to maintain a registered agent and office in Louisiana. The list of filing entities is; domestic and foreign corporations, professional corporations, nonprofit corporations, domestic and foreign LLCs, PLLCs, plus all LPs and LLPs.

How do we handle documents we receive as your Louisiana resident agent?

As soon as received, we scan all legal notices, annual report notices, or other official paperwork, into your online account locally in Louisiana. We send you an immediate email message that you have an important document in your online account.

For no extra charge, we keep track of your annual report due date, and send you email reminders and instructions to help you remain in good standing with Louisiana Secretary of State.

How do you change your registered agent in Louisiana?

File the completed Notice of Change of Registered Office and/or Change of Registered Agent form by mail, fax, in person to the Louisiana Secretary of State, Commercial Division. Louisiana has separate forms for each business type and they must be notarized; however, the online change of agent is quick and easy. The filing fee is $25 for all entities, plus a $2 convenience fee for online filing. Give Louisiana about a week to complete the change of registered agent. Online filings are processed in one day.

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