Compare Registered Agents

At Resident Agent LLC, we provide resident agent and registered agent service to businesses across the country. We’re confident in what we do—so much so, that we don’t mind going head to head with some of the biggest names in the registered agent service industry. How do we compare to other national registered agent companies? Just take a look:

Northwest Registered Agent

Incorporate Fast

Filings Made Easy

Resident Agent LLC

Business Formation





Optional Add-Ons to RA Service

Annual report compliance

Mail forwarding

2nd telephone number

Annual report compliance

Mail forwarding

Annual report compliance

Annual report compliance

Mail forwarding

Price for 1 Year of RA Service


Free with formation


Name Your Own Price!

Annual Renewals at Same Price


No ($125)




As you can see from the chart above, Resident Agent LLC doesn’t divide its time between business formation and registered agent service. Instead, we focus on one thing, and we do it very well—provide nationwide registered agent service. We’re also the only national registered agent service that allows you to name your own price.

These other big-name companies may be larger and more well-known, but we hold our own—especially when it comes to quality registered agent service at an excellent price.

Northwest Registered Agent Review

So how do we compare to the top dog? With Northwest being the #1 national registered agent in the US, we feel it’s only fair that we give an in-depth comparison against them. In our comparison below, we take a look at the features of our core service—registered agent service—as well as additional services, resources, and of course, price.

Registered Agent Service

Registered agent service is the core of what we do. And there’s very little that Northwest offers that we don’t do as well. For instance, Northwest does all of the following—and so do we:

Being such a large and well-established company does mean Northwest has a few additional capabilities. For instance, Northwest is approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as a BOC-3 process agent, which is required for carriers conducting interstate commerce. However, most businesses don’t need these kinds of niche, specialized services.

At Resident Agent LLC, we offer the essential—quality registered agent service at a low price. We’re working on expanding our services to match Northwest’s offerings, but for most businesses, we can offer everything you need for much less.

Additional Services

While they may have “registered agent” in the name, Northwest is really more of a general business services company. In addition to registered agent service, Northwest offers business formation for LLCs and corporations, foreign qualification, virtual office services, business phone numbers and more.

Northwest may be appealing for those who want “one-stop shopping” for all their business needs. However, at Resident Agent LLC, we don’t believe in being a jack of all trades. We’d much rather be a master of one: registered agent service. It’s all we do—and we do it right.


Because Northwest strives to be number one for all things business, they have a seemingly endless amount of free business material on their website. They have free guides for starting, managing, expanding, and closing companies in each state. They have free legal forms, which are templates for common business documents, like operating agreements and bylaws. They also have a section on “lawsuit help,” which has forms and information related to business lawsuits.

To be fair, Northwest’s website is a great resource for new businesses. In particular, their legal forms and guides are especially helpful. However, you’re not required to sign up for any services to use their free material. So why pay more than you have to for registered agent service? You can sign up with us for less.


Price is an area where we routinely out-perform the competition. Northwest’s regular price for registered agent service is $125 a year. Their price is consistent—they advertise that it’ll be the same every year, and they’ve been true to their word as far as we can tell. $125 isn’t the most expensive price for national registered agent service, but it certainly isn’t the cheapest.

At Resident Agent LLC, however, we let you name your own price. Approval takes just a few minutes, and once a price is approved, you’ll get the same price every year. Essentially, you can lock in a low rate, and never worry about price increases. Even better, the price you lock in is the same for however many states you need.

Need instant service and don’t want to wait for a price approval? Sign up for our registered agent service for just $97. Even without naming your own price, our registered agent service is still $28 a year less than Northwest.

The Best Registered Agent Service

The best registered agent service is the one the that focuses solely on registered agent service: Resident Agent LLC. While bigger companies like Northwest may have extra capabilities and business services, they come at a significant cost—and there’s no need to pay more for quality service. Our registered agent service can keep up with the top names in the industry for less.